Memorial Trees in a beautiful pink blossom

Why have a Memorial Tree or Shrub?

Memorials trees or shrubs which are located in the gardens of remembrance can be leased for various amounts of time. While leased, you are entitled to a plaque in front of the plant.

The crematorium grounds are fully planted, so except for natural renewal, no new planting will take place.

All memorials are in established areas and you will be given a choice of whatever is available at the time.

Memorial plants are not positioned where the cremated remains are scattered. Living memorials are normally available once six months has passed from the date of the funeral.


1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Memorial Tree – 10 year lease (+ backed plaque)£387.50
Memorial Tree – renewal, refurbishment or double inscription on a new plaque£107
Memorial Tree – renewal of 10 year lease£189
Rosebush/flowering shrub – 5 year lease (+ backed plaque)£219.50
Rosebush/flowering shrub – renewal of 5 year lease£109.50
Rosebush/flowering shrub – renewal, refurbishment or double inscription (on new plaque)£107

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